76 Cad-Camino kind'a rare and not a bad price

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76 Cad-Camino kind'a rare and not a bad price

Postby bugzaper » Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:58 pm

I think they made around 400 or so of these with famous hot rodder "Gene Whitfield" as lead designer.
And, they all came with a "500" .... :scratchchin: .... no really, they did.
(spelling and numbers are estimates...)


Well spoke with the seller and this "IS NOT" a factory built or I should say factory contracted build, Cad-Camino.
It was cut up and constructed from an S-10 some where in Arkansas .... :eyepopping:.
It has the 472 / 400 combo and not the elusive "500." lol
The fellow did say that he has a original 1972 Cad-Camino but, it's not for sale and if it was would be way more than this one.
So...anyway, that's the "skinny".
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